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The few instances of delays in the past were caused by differences over wording on long thorny issues, like the territorial rifts.China, which wields considerable influence on ASEAN, has steadfastly opposed criticism of its artificial islands, where it has reportedly installed a missile defense system despite widespread concern, including by the United States, Japan and Australia.Duterte, who took office last year and assumed ASEAN’s rotational chairmanship this year, has openly tried to court China’s friendship, trade, investment and infrastructure financing. He has toned down sharp rebuke of China’s assertive actions in the strategic waterway, one of the world’s busiest, and refused to immediately seek Chinese compliance with an arbitration ruling last year that invalidated its vast claims in the South China Sea on historical grounds.His rapprochement turned the Philippines from being one of Beijing’s sharpest critics in the disputed sea.In the ASEAN statement, Duterte repeated previous calls for a peaceful resolution of the disputes, adherence to the rule of law and welcomed the approval of a framework or outline of a proposed code of conduct aimed at preventing confrontation in the contested waters.

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